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  1. All classes are open to members only, except for children up to 12 who may enter any class.

  2. No late entries will be accepted after the date specified on the entry forms.

  3. All show entries, other than Flower Arranging and Special Collection classes are judged in accordance with the current RHS Show Handbook. Exhibitors in doubt should apply to the Show Secretary for the particulars as given in the RHS Show Handbook. The judge’s decision is final.

  4. All exhibitors must have paid their subscriptions 14 days before the show dates.

  5. All entries except home-made produce and flower arrangement entries must be grown in the exhibitor’s own garden or allotment. Pot plants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least three months. Handicraft items and photographs must be the exhibitor’s own.

  6. All root crops must be washed.

  7. The organisers will not be responsible for any loss or damage to exhibitors’ property although every care will be taken.        Two or more persons from the same household may compete in the same class. Members may exhibit only one entry per class.

  8. Any prize may be, at the sole discretion of the judges, withheld or modified if the exhibit is not considered worthy of the prize offered.

  9. The 2022 trophies must be returned to the Show Secretary before the Show, properly cleaned

  10. All exhibitors must withdraw from the Village Hall 15 minutes before judging.

  11. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st 4 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 2 points, 4th & Highly Commended 1 point                        Double points will be awarded for the following Collection classes: Summer Show Special Collection, Collection of Vegetables (45); Autumn Show – Collection of Vegetables (68); Harvest Tray (69)

  12. In the event of a tie for points for any cup, shield or award the member with the highest number of first prizes will be the winner.

  13. Any protest must be made in writing and delivered to the Show Secretary within one hour of the opening of the Show to the public, and the decision of the Chairperson or Vice Chairperson and two members of the committee will be final.

  14. The Show Secretary and Chairperson reserve the right to inspect any exhibitor’s garden or allotment without prior notice.

  15. Exhibitors should name the varieties of their exhibits if known.

  16. No exhibit is to be removed from the Show before 4.30pm and all exhibits must be removed at the conclusion of the Show.

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