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  • There is no charge for entering an exhibit in any of our shows.

  • Exhibitors should read the schedule carefully, including all the Rules shown on the previous page.

  • Every exhibitor should do his or her utmost to adhere to the timetable and avoid doing things at the last moment.

  • Paper plates will be provided, and should be used, for vegetable and fruit classes where appropriate.

  • Where vases are supplied for floral classes, they must be used.

  • Vegetables should be properly prepared for exhibition, roots should be carefully washed.

  • The rough outside skin of onions and shallots should be removed, but not too deeply, and the necks should be tied with raffia.

  • In assessing the merits of flowers, fruit and vegetables, condition, size and uniformity are the features normally considered.

  • Potatoes should be medium sized tubers, approximately 175–225g each.

  • Exhibitors must remove all their exhibits at the conclusion of the Show.

  • Novice Class – this is for the exhibitor who has not previously achieved a first second or third place at a Milford Show in the applicable section.


  • Flans must be shown out of the tin or cases.

  • Preserves – always fill jars to the top and allow for shrinkage on all cooked preserves.

  • Clean all jars thoroughly and label with the full date. Use a new, plain, twist top or waxed disc and cellophane. The use of commercial jars or commercial lids will result in disqualification.

  • Lemon curd needs a waxed disc and cellophane.

  • Chutneys and pickles must be over three months old, be in jars with solid, vinegar proof tops and be dated.


  • Measurements refer to the width of exhibits. There is no limit on height except where shown.

  • No artificial flowers or foliage are to be used. Accessories are permitted.


  • Maximum dimensions should not exceed 8" x 5", photographs to be entered without a mount.

  • Photographs entered must be the work of the person entering.

  • Judging of photography to be performed by each judge judging show entries, with votes cast for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each category.

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